Pre-Labelled Models

Know exactly what you’re looking at with pre-labelled anatomical models

Speed up your education by skipping the guesswork – a selection of pre-labelled model scans allows you to dig into exactly what is what within the human anatomy.

Aside from each scan coming with its own annotations and a list of common treatments for each depicted affliction, a selection of scans come fully labelled to assist with your education.

Annotations and labels can be toggled on and off, so you can easily test yourself.

Classroom ready

Toggle labels and annotations on and off to test yourself

Highlight areas, take notes, and add markers to each scan

Zoom, adjust brightness, contrast and opacity of each scan

View Scans in Colour

Virtual Anatomy also offers its users the ability to view the 3D rendered scans in colour, allowing for easier viewing of the varying densities within the body. Coloured scans also make it easier to spot the abnormalities that are depicted within the scans provided and help users to spot the afflictions described in the annotations already included with each one.