Features For Educators

Add another dimension to your medical education

Take full control of the way you see the data, with the ability to ‘strip’ back the layers of skin, muscle and differing densities – the best 3D anatomy education available.

  • Sliders allow the user to explore the varying density values within the scans, enabling students to see the described afflictions more clearly.
  • Adjusting the brightness, contrast & opacity of the provided scans will give students an ‘X-ray’ view of each case.
  • Changing the density value while immersed in the scan will give students a better look at the lungs, airways and other ‘negative spaces’ from inside the body.
  • All our cases are based on real medical scans, meaning that students are gaining experience with real-life imagery rather than renders.

All Scans Available in VR

Every scan available in Virtual Anatomy’s extensive scan library is able to be viewed in Virtual Reality (VR) using a VR headset.

Users can rotate and zoom in and out of scans using their hand controllers, providing a view of each case from every angle.

While utilizing VR, students are able to walk around and through the 3D volumetric models of each scan.

Virtual Anatomy’s drawing tool can be used to mark up scans and highlight the areas of interest.

Touching the annotation dots in VR will show the case notes via the user’s hand controllers.

All visualisation tool are easily accessible with Virtual Anatomy’s intuitive VR menu.

View Annotations On Screen & In VR

Each scan provides you with at least one annotated pathology. The annotations all include the following:

Location and visual presentations of each medical condition indicated by coloured annotation markers.

The correct medical terminology for each affliction depicted in the provided studies.

The accurate medical medical description of each condition, how each case presents, the most common treatment methods and prognosis.

Common treatments.