Customise Scans

Highlight key areas to get your students thinking

The ability to quickly and easily annotate and manipulate uploaded scans without additional software makes for a seamless experience.

Show your chosen scans in the exact way you want your students to see. Do you need to explain certain areas in more detail? A complex scan by itself, even with a written description, can be hard for students to interpret. With annotations and highlighting, you can easily draw the student’s attention to where it should be focused.

Powerful features you haven’t seen before

Highlight certain areas, and give them a descriptive label

Students will open the scan exactly as you leave it – manipulate the brightness, contrast, opacity and more for them

Select scans availability on a class by class basis

Setup scans for your students in an ideal view

Once a scan is selected either from the scan library or the favourite scans section of the dashboard, it will be rendered in a 3D view within seconds. Users will then be able to view the scans in Virtual Reality (VR) with the aid of a VR headset, or via their desktop. Brightness, contrast and opacity are all adjustable to allow users to see within the scans in order to better study them; scans can also be rotated, marked up or annotated.