Class Planner

Powerful yet simple control over all lessons & classes.

Quickly and easily create individual lessons or an entire class. Select included scans, attach quizzes, choose wh.o is enrolled, and more.

Take full control of your classes and lessons, with no limits as part of your subscription. It is easy to set up a new class or lesson, while also having extended granular control for when you need it.

Easily create educational lessons

Choose from a library of existing scans, or upload your own

Add your own scan annotations, or enable the default library’s

Record your own manipulation of a scan with audio to enable remote learning

Choose who to add to lessons – add or remove class lists and individuals

Schedule when lessons will be released, and when quizzes can be completed

Planning classes has never been easier

After selecting the “Schedule Class” button from the managing classes screen, the user will be brought to this screen. From here, an educator will be able to include students in their lessons, set the topic for their upcoming class, assign the correct quizzes and scans to go along with each lesson, choose the dates this class will be active and choose whether or not to send reminders to their students.