Explore 3D Anatomy From Real Scans

Scans From Real Patients

Using Virtual Anatomy will help individuals to recognize the visual symptoms of various medical conditions and how they may appear in CT, MRI and other forms of medical imaging. Users will also be given the medical definitions, terminology and annotations associated with each condition along with a description of the affliction depicted and the most common treatment plans.

Large Library of FREE & Premium Scans

Our team is continuously working with clinicians and surgeons to introduce more annotated scans to our library, covering a diverse range of medical conditions and imaging modalities.

Immersive 3D Anatomy Volumetric Models

Virtual Anatomy works with compatible Windows computers and Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to allow for a fully immersive VR experience. The software is still able to be used without the aid of a VR headset as users can view the 3D modeled scan via their desktop.

Annotations, Descriptions & Common Treatments

Users will be equipped with the resources they need in order to help them recognise various ailments across the medical field and the most common ways to treat each condition.

Learn from hundreds of real cases with 3D Anatomy Scans & Immersive Virtual Reality