Add Own Scans

Upload any standard DICOM file from MRI/CT scans

Aside from our extensive library of scans, you have the ability to upload an unlimited number of your own scans.

Uploaded scans are only visible to you. Ask your doctor for a digital copy of any medical scans (MRI/CT) that come in an standard DICOM file format, and you can add it to Virtual Anatomy and take a look under the hood.

You can also add scans you find on the internet, helpful in further research of particular anatomies and pathologies.

Powerful features you haven’t seen before

No upload limit on personal scans

All the same features to manipulate scans

Explore multiple scans for the best understanding

While Virtual Anatomy has numerous scans that cover a variety of medical conditions across the various fields of study, it is always helpful to compare additional scans when learning.

With Virtual Anatomy, you can add as many of your own scans – whether they are personal or anonymised ones found online – to help improve your understanding of human anatomy.