Quiz Maker

Easily create powerful quizzes to test your students

Create quizzes for an entire class in no time at all, with powerful built-in scan annotation features to assist student’s learning.

Find out how your class is performing and understanding the material by quickly viewing class averages, or diving into individual student’s scores.

Powerful features you mightn’t expect

View how many students have completed a quiz

Set timings for when quizzes open

Choose between multiple choice, true or false, single word answers, written answers and annotation questions

Choose from existing scans or upload a new scan for your quiz

Annotate the scan with our built-in tools – highlight areas, drop descriptive pins and more

View which quizzes are still open, and result averages

Edit answers after-the-fact if mistakes are found; scores are auto-updated

Creating Quizzes has never been easier

After selecting the “Create Quiz” or “Edit Quiz” buttons on the quiz summaries page, the user will be brought to the quiz maker. Using a drag and drop system, educators can can their own quizzes using the five question styles provided- multiple choice, true/false, annotations, single word answer or multi word answer. Answers and an (optional) included image are put in by the user so quizzes can be catered to each lesson.